Say What You Mean

Say What You Mean is a local grassroots campaign that's really close to my heart.

What if...?
What if we all said what we actually mean?

Not what we think at the time, in the heat of the moment,
or in that perilous point where we could be kind but choose not to,
or in a period of mistrusting anger, we vent our spleen giving voice to another's words, and playing out another's parts?

But what if we actually said what we actually mean?

I would have to stop, think, and really think, "what do I mean ?"

Because what we say can have long-lasting effects, massive consequences, and twist and turn and tumble in people's heads, in their very being far beyond our forgotten throwaway remarks.

I have this little heart tattoo on my upper arm, and I have a tiny heart patch sewn on my sleeve to match.

I wear it because I have a sensitive heart. There's that saying, 'I wear my heart on my sleeve'.

I know that words can be good and kind. I also know that words spoken and written without thought and attention can be so damaging.

So think carefully about what you say to each other. Be kind, wear your Hearts on your sleeves and always, always, Say What You Mean.

Thank you


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