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  1. Yes! The Projects are back!!

    This is a simple project which can be constructed in a very short time - less than an hour - and with a small amount of TLC from you will last for several months.

    You will need:

    Spring flowers - bulbs e.g. Narcissus 'Tete-a-Tete' (miniature daffodil), grape hyacinth, Iris reticulata (miniature iris)
                          - plants e.g. forget-me-not, pansy, viola, primulas (including primroses, auriculas and cowslips)
    Potting Compost
    Garden pot or tub
    A few crocks or stones
    All-purpose slow-release fertiliser - about a handful

    Get Planting!

    1. Place the pot in its display position or as near as possible. Filled pots, particularly once wet, are very heavy
    2. Place a few crocks or stones in the bottom of the pot so the holes are covered but water freely drains through. In spring when we have short sharp showers this is espcially important. 
    3. Fill the tub to halfway up with potting compost.
    4. Plant bulbs in groups near the centre of the pot so when grown they add height to the display or at intervals around the edge for a more formal display. Bulbs are usually planted at a depth of twice their height so adjust compost level at stage 3 to suit.
    5. Add more compost to about 2" below the lip of the pot, mixing in slow-release fertiliser.
    6. Make holes in the compost and plant the rest of the plants, firming in as you go.
    7. Top up the compost leaving 1" below the lip and water gently with a rose on your can, until a tiny amount comes out of the bottom of the pot. This way you know that all the soil is wet.

    Remember to check on it every few days, dead-heading flowers and watering as necessary.

    Pictures to follow...