Plant up some Bulbs: Project 3

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For this easy project you will need:

1 mini trough with drip tray
Small bag bulb fibre compost e.g. J. A. Bower's
miniature daffodil bulbs (you could also make this with crocuses and snowdrops, though you will need more bulbs)
Clip the drip tray to the bottom of the trough

Use half the compost to fill the trough

Tap gently on a table top to level compost - do not firm it with your fingers

Place bulbs, evenly spaced, about halfway up their height into the compost, with roots downwards
Bulb planting
Top up with the remaining compost

Tap gently again to level compost - do not firm it with your fingers
Water gently from above once per week so it comes out of the bottom and into the tray

Leave in a warm bright position e.g. on your kitchen windowsill

Bulb shoots should appear in 2-3 weeks
Flowers should appear around Christmas/early January 2011

This project will be done as part of the regular PATCHWORK meeting at St Paul's Church, Swansea on Wednesday 8th December.  Why not come along and join in?!

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