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  1. MYHarvest

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    MYHarvest is a research project funded by the EPSRC and being run jointly between the UK universities of Sheffield, Loughborough, Newcastle and Exeter.


    In the project, researchers from the University of Sheffield aim to collect data of fruit and vegetable yields grown by allotmenteers, private gardeners and community gardeners.  By measuring production by unit area of ground this data could help determine the extent to which own-grown food contributes to UK food security and sustainability today.  This will help in future decisions regarding how much green space in our cities is required for own-growers such as those who contribute to the project now.


    Take part - it's easy!

    Record information about one or more fruit or vegetable crops that you grow.  Even if the yield is lower than expected, the data is still valuable. 

    Information on each crop must include the area of ground on which it was grown and the weight of the harvest.  These can be given in metric or imperial units but be sure to tell them which you have used!

    Harvest results can be sent to the team either by post or via email, whichever is easier.


    Contact details for MYHarvest

    University of Sheffield
    Department of Animal & Plant Sciences
    Western Banks
    S10 2TN

    Email data or questions to
    [email protected]
    Main website: