Lon Gwynfryn, Sketty

The Brief

This front garden is on 2 levels with patio paving and a spectacular view of Swansea bay forming the upper area; below are two rockery beds, a small lawn, and an enclosing variegated hedge.

The client has requested a fairy garden to be found mostly as part of the lower rockery bed, "as though the fairies found it and moved in" rather than specifically with many small ornament houses and premade 'scenes'.


Lon Gwynfryn_development plan
fairy mushroom_wildboar carvings

The Design


This design has developed organically and continues to do so as more plants and ornaments are added.

Thus far there is a large mushroom house, a fairy stone quarry complete with minehead wheelhouse, and numerous tables and benches.

The design is fairly fluid, with planting interspersed with rockery boulders of several varieties and different types of plant as appropriate to the background and surrounding environs. There is no set scale and this allows for full use of the imagination!