Frequently Asked Questions

This section is not intended to be all-inclusive but should give you an idea of the basic points.
Please feel free to ask any other questions directly via the Contact page here.

01 Why should I use Rachel's Garden services?   Rachel absolutely loves gardening - in almost all weathers - so will put in as much energy, effort and enthusiasm as though your garden were her own.

02 I have a garden already but I don't know where to start   This is a fairly common issue but not to worry!
Rachel will visit at an agreed time, speak to the garden owner(s) at length, and build a plan from there. It won't happen overnight but the result will be both functional and beautiful. Rachel will suggest a maintenance plan and regular reviews are available.

03 What if my garden style is not the same as Rachel's?   Rachel is a firm believer in 'the right plant in the right place' but will design and plant to your requirements.

04 How much will it cost?   Standard fees are currently fixed at  £15.00 per hour for agreed continuing maintenance work.
Grave maintenance fees are negotiable depending on the state of the burial ground and the grave itself. Sorry, we are unable to make significant repairs to graves; Rachel will provide photographic evidence of work done and any part of the grave (kerbs, headstone, lettering) which may require the attentions of a stonemason in future.

For larger tasks such as partial or complete design, rebuild and planting, and major pruning work, Rachel will visit the site, take detailed photographs and offer a written estimate along with a proposed work schedule. This will incur a larger fee, for which individual negotiations are recommended.  

Please note: the first hour with the client is always free as this is when Rachel conducts a short site survey including dynamic risk assessment, and will discuss your aims and requirements. Subsequent reviews may be necessary as work progresses; these are readily available - just ask Rachel.

05 How do I pay?   Please pay by bankers' cheque, with cash, by PayPal or through direct bank transfer; please request further details. You will receive a detailed invoice or receipt as appropriate. This will indicate what work was done and any plants or materials supplied. Sorry, we cannot accept credit card payments at present.

06 Can you work in my garden when I am not there?   Yes - subject to access. Please discuss this with Rachel.

07 Will you remove any waste for me?   Any bagged garden waste (clippings, weeds and other dead plant material) can be removed by Rachel for a fixed one-off fee, however with Swansea City Council's green waste recycling service it is better removed from your property by this method. Rachel also strongly encourages garden owners to install and use their own composting system. Advice regarding composting is available free of charge.

     Anything else...?    Ask Rachel